That wasn’t a wrestling mask disguising the sexiest new vehicle shown at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show—actually, it was just the awesome, stylish front end of the new Mitsubishi concept vehicle, the XR-PHEV. The new concept previews a production version, a new plug-in hybrid crossover that is sure to move the brand in a positive direction. However, the new car also previews something else—a whole new brand direction for Mitsubishi.

As Don Swearingen, North America Executive Vice President for Mitsubishi, said, the new concept will be a heavy influence on many new Mitsubishi models going forward. “We also brought it to L.A. to reinforce the message that Mitsubishi is here to stay in the United States,” Swearingen said. “As we regrow the brand, we will introduce new models while updating existing ones, creating a new look and a new value proposition for the brand.”

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New Mitsubishi concept