What better time to unveil a highly-anticipated hybrid than springtime? This must have been Mitsubishi’s thinking as the automaker has decided to bring its new hybrid SUV to light in Geneva in March. The birds will be a’singing, the ice will be a’melting and Mitsubishi will be proving to the world that it’s a conscientious automaker doing its best to make environmentally-friendly automobiles.

According to a press release from Mitsubishi, the hybrid SUV will use the automaker’s Earth technology. This technology grows out of Mitsubishi Drive@Earth philosophy. On its website, comprising this philosophy is the commitment that “Mitsubishi stands ready to clear a path to a new era in sustainable partnership” as “the connection between cars, society and the environment becomes clearer.” The automaker concludes with the declaration: “We believe that our technology and our passion for driving will help us lead the way to a new future for motoring.”

The new hybrid SUV due out in March is one flower of this philosophy. Another is the MiEV, the super-compact, all-electric vehicle. Of course, these are only a couple of many to come. We are excited for the new SUVs to hit our lots, but for now you can browse our great selection of vehicles currently on our lot!

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