Mitsubishi has given us a glimpse into the future, and it wasn’t with a crystal ball. Instead, the Japanese carmaker showed us just what Mitsubishi’s future holds with the brand-new, innovative Mitsubishi GC-PHEV Concept, which debuted during the Chicago Auto Show.

“We brought the Concept GC-PHEV to Chicago because it showcases into our future technology and design themes,” said Don Swearingen, Executive Vice President for Mitsubishi Motors North America. “The Concept showcases aggressive styling and a level of refinement that will be coming to Mitsubishi vehicles. All of our 2016 model year vehicles will be refreshed with our new brand identity, starting with the 2016 Outlander. The Concept GC-PHEV continues to tell the story we started telling at the LA Auto Show, and we think you’re going to like what is to come.”

The Mitsubishi GC-PHEV Concept debut brought a focus on the future of Mitsubishi safety, offering a variety of advanced safety systems that are set for future models. This includes “Connected Car” technology, an AR Windshield, and Pedestrian Collision Mitigating Auto-Braking. Along with these safety technologies, the concept vehicle debuts a more muscular stance and harsh, angular lines that are sure to make a lasting impression when they appear in future Mitsubishi models.

This concept car is just one of many innovative models Mitsubishi has to offer. Make sure you stop in to Bell Mitsubishi today and see what our brand has to offer you!

Mitsubishi GC-PHEV Concept Debut