Taking care of your car and prepping it for each season can increase its value in the long run. That’s why prepping for the warmer spring weather is a necessity for most drivers. It only takes one afternoon, and odds are you won’t have to buy anything to make sure your car is running in optimal condition. Here are some spring car care tips to prep your car for warmer weather from us here at Bell Mitsubishi!

  1. Tires – Starting from the ground up, checking your tires tread depth and pressure has plenty of benefits. Not only will the right amount of tread and the optimal tire pressure improve safety and handling; it can also improve fuel economy, ride smoothness, and more. Check your owner’s manual or inside of the driver’s door to see what the optimal tire pressure is for your car. If you added air during winter, make sure your tires aren’t overinflated!
  2. Exterior – A car wash and wax is exactly what your car needs after a harsh winter. Dirt, grime, and, worst of all, road salt likely built up all over your car’s exterior. Take advantage of the warm weather and give your car a good scrub!
  3. Interior – It’s the ideal time for some spring cleaning, and that includes your car. Remove all the trash, receipts, and bags you have no need for. Make sure to vacuum, and don’t forget to clean the windows as well!