The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is a legendary name with an impressive heritage. The first model was produced in 1992, and after standing out for its great results in the World Rally Championship, the Lancer Evo quickly rose to popularity and became a classic among performance car enthusiasts around the world.

But the 2015 model year Lancer Evo that’ll soon hit the Bell Mitsubishi dealership will be the last—after this one, the automaker will be discontinuing the model.

That’s… bad news, right? A little. Fans around the world will be disappointed, but models don’t need to go on forever to remain great. In fact, this could actually be a positive thing. There’s very good reason to believe Mitsubishi plans on launching a new performance car in the future. It’ll more than likely use everything it has learned in its years of producing the Lancer Evolution to make an even better car.

To us, leaving behind the Lancer Evo is like closing a great chapter and getting ready to open an even better one. Stay tuned.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution