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Routine Summer Car Maintenance

The summer heat is rolling in which means you’re running out of time to take care of some crucial routine car maintenance! Ensuring your vehicle is properly maintained is important to enjoying summer, especially if you plan on taking any long road trips. Here are a few routine summer car maintenance items to take care of from us here at Bell Mitsubishi!


Oil lubricates, cools, and protects the engine, and effectively works to prevent a major breakdown and costly repair later in the vehicle’s lifespan. The extreme summer heat can result in thinning of your old oil, and that won’t end well, especially if you’re in the middle of a family road trip. Save yourself both time and money by getting an oil change before summer arrives!


Keeping your tires properly maintained will result in better fuel economy, a smoother ride, and a pretty penny in savings. Start by checking to see if you have enough tread on your tires for optimal traction on wet roads. Next, check the tire pressure and inflate (or deflate) to the manufacturer-suggested level. Finally, look for any abnormalities, like bulges. Don’t forget to rotate your tires!


Heavy spring rains after winter’s ice likely did a number on your windshield wipers. Fortunately, a new set is cheap and easy to install. Simply check your owner’s manual for instructions. It only takes a few minutes!

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  1. Well, just because the extreme cold is over, it does not mean that the car is safe from the elements. In fact I think the heat can just as harsh as the cold. In fact most of us know that an overheated engine or broken AC can spoil a summer road trip. But thanks to you, as you have mentioned here with some routine summer maintenance tips, I am sure with the help of this little preparation work, one can keep his car running smoothly all summer long.

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