Here’s a pairing of words that might seem a little bit odd as it rolls off the tongue: Mitsubishi truck. Really, Mitsubishi is actually well-known the world over for making trucks despite the fact that we haven’t seen a Mitsu truck in America since the Mighty Max. Now, the automaker has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Fiat to co-develop and manufacture a midsize pickup truck for global markets.

“This is beneficial for both companies because Mitsubishi Motors will boost production and Fiat will strengthen its product lineup,” said Mitsubishi spokesman Tetsuji Inoue.

Mitsubishi’s L200 is a best-seller for commercial purposes the world over, and Fiat has long desired an increased stake in fleet sales. Enter the MoU, which not only serves Fiat’s goal of increasing commercial sales, but also increases production at Mitsubishi’s Thailand plant.

According to the agreement, Mitsubishi will provide Fiat with about 150,000 trucks through 2020. Whether the truck, be it Mitsubishi- or Fiat-branded, sees its way to America remains to be seen, but you can bet that if it does, we’ll have it here for you at Bell Mitsubishi!