The car industry is all about rivalry and Mitsubishi is looking to give the Ford Focus some new, completely unexpected competition. The Japanese carmaker recently announced that it is talking to Renault-Nissan about co-developing a new platform that would produce a new Ford Focus rival, making the Mitsubishi brand more appealing than ever. With this new platform, Mitsubishi will also be able to compete in a brand new segment—the compact hatchback class.

This isn’t the only big change coming from Mitsubishi, though. Along with this new platform, Osamu Masuko, the CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, announced that Mitsubishi is “in the midst of developing a new design philosophy.” With this new philosophy, Masuko is hoping that consumers will look at a car from the Japanese brand and immediately think, “That’s a Mitsubishi”.

While there is not much information concerning the styling or drivetrain of this new hatchback or regarding the direction of Mitsubishi’s new design philosophy, we can assume that both are going to have plenty of appeal. For more information, make sure you check back to Bell Mitsubishi today!

Ford Focus Rival

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