The worst time of the year has arrived, at least when it comes to driving—winter. To make sure you’re ready for the New Jersey winter, follow these simple winter car maintenance steps to help keep you on the road.

  • Get your regularly scheduled maintenance. If you’ve been avoiding an oil change or other routine maintenance like the plague, stop it! If you wait too long, these simple tasks can become big problems.
  • Check your tires. As snow and ice start to cover the road, you want to make sure you stay on it. Make sure your tires have adequate tread, or consider making the switch to snow tires if you regularly encounter the white stuff on your travels.
  • Change your wiper blades. If you didn’t already do this in the fall, do this now. Being able to see while the snow is drifting down is very important. Also be sure to switch out your regular washer fluid for the freeze-resistant type.
  • Check your lights. Not only do you need to see out your windows, but you want other drivers to see you, too. Make sure all your exterior lights are working and aimed correctly.
  • Check your battery. Freezing temperatures can cause a weak battery to fail. Check the battery posts and remove any corrosion. Always take extra caution when dealing with your battery.

If you need any assistance doing of these maintenance steps, please give us a call at Bell Mitsubishi and schedule an appointment with our friendly service department.

Winter Car Maintenance