The new Mazda CX-5 will be making a huge step forward in terms of green technology and renewable resources. It might not actually feature an EV technology under the hood, but the CX-5 will be made out of green materials itself. These materials, called bioplastics, are not only more eco-friendly, but stronger as well, and they will be provided to Mazda by Mitsubishi.

Therefore, the new Mazda CX-5 will also provide a tighter driving experience, thanks to a new material that should prove both stronger and more durable than previous versions. It will use no petroleum, making it a friendly choice for new car buyers as well as the planet itself.

The new bioplastic material will also come in the new MX-5, but the CX-5 will be the focus of the new technology. As the provider of this material, Mitsubishi is proving its commitment to improve the economy and also make its vehicles better all across the board—or even other brand’s vehicles, if that helps the planet. Come see us at Bell Mitsubishi to learn more.

Mitsubishi Bioplastic Materials