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Fall Driving Hazards: Kids, Water, and Glares

Though we typically think of winter when it comes to dangerous driving conditions, there are some important fall driving hazards you should know. There are environmental and social factors that make driving more dangerous this time of year. For instance, there’s less daylight, and schools are in session. Keep an eye out for these particularly dangerous autumn driving hazards.


According to AARP, it’s especially important to watch out for children. When driving near schools, slow down and keep your eyes on the road. If there is a school bus, you must stop when it extends the “stop” arm to let children cross. If it’s trick-or-treat night, you should drive especially slowly.

Damp Roads

Watch out for damp roads. While sleet and ice are certainly dangerous, it is actually the small pools of water and moist roads that can be the slipperiest. Water mixes with oil on the road, creating a road slick that might not wash away if there isn’t enough rain.

Sun Glare

Be aware of sun glares affecting visibility. The sun sets earlier as autumn arrives, lingering closer to the horizon than it does in summer months. Get a pair of sunglasses and clean your windshield regularly—dirt streaks only make glares worse.

We at Bell Mitsubishi wish you and your family a safe, fun fall season.

Bell Mitsubishi Presents Top 5 Fuel Saving Tips

Tips for Saving Gas

Tips for Saving Gas

Do you feel like you’ve been spending too much at the pump lately? Have you been eyeing those new models with their high advertised mpg ratings?

You don’t have to invest in a brand new car to get better gas mileage. In fact, experts agree that mileage is less about the vehicle and more about the way you drive it.

And we’re going to tell you how. Here are Bell Mitsubishi’s top 5 fuel saving tips!

  1. Lift off the accelerator earlier. The more the gas pedal is pushed down, the more fuel is injected into the engine. If you lift off the accelerator earlier and giving yourself longer braking distances, you can save a significant amount of fuel—and increase the longevity of your brakes, too!
  2. Accelerate more smoothly. Following the logic above, you can also save fuel by getting up to speed at a slower rate. Unless you’re trying to cut off someone in traffic, there’s no need to get from 0 to 60 in four seconds! Do it in 10 seconds and your wallet will thank you.
  3. Slow down. Once you’re cruising on the highway at the highest gear, every extra mile per hour affects your mileage negatively. Stay at the speed limit and watch the fuel savings climb—and hey, it’s the law.
  4. Manage the air conditioning. If you need cool air, turn off the A/C at low speeds and open windows instead, or else the compressor will need to work too hard and hurt your gas mileage numbers.
  5. Keep your tires inflated. Okay, this one’s not actually a driving tip, but it makes enough of a difference that we just had to mention it. Properly inflated tires produce less friction with the road, resulting in up to 4% better mpg!