Mitsubishi has been focusing in on what it calls “Small Batch” marketing strategy. Aimed at delivering a more customized, specific brand experience for consumers, the Small Batch Drive Experience also seeks to create an innovative way of reaching audiences. So what is it?

Mitsubishi is allying with BirdDog, a company that uses information gleaned from social media and “hyper-local geo-targeting technology” to build accurate buyer profiles. From there, Mitsubishi can use these details to identify and attract prospective customers. Then, the automaker can focus its efforts on drivers most likely to be interested in going for a test drive, and set up relevant events near them.

Usually, traditional customer ride-and-drive marketing campaigns involve a lot of equipment and a large physical footprint, but the partnership between BirdDog and Mitsubishi enables the duo to cater the buying experience to buyers in particular regions and demographics. They will identify places like shopping centers, restaurants, coffee shops, and other retail locations to set up pop-up test-drive sites.

Ultimately, Mitsubishi hopes that Small Batch marketing will empower them to reach customers in a way that’s never been attempted before. Rather than trying to draw people to events, Mitsubishi intends to bring the events to them so that they can engage with the brand on their own terms, in their own environment.

This customer-focused approach to sales and marketing speaks to Mitsubishi’s passion for the people who drive their vehicles. For more examples of this ideal in practice, stop by Bell Mitsubishi today and have a chat with a member of our staff.