Driving during the winter can be dangerous for a range of reasons, from poor visibility to low temperatures. However, one of the biggest hazards is driving on ice. If you venture onto a slick road and your vehicle slides on ice, it’s important that you keep these tips in mind on how to act.

First and foremost, avoid slamming on the brakes if you start to slide. Although this might be your first instinct, it can make the situation significantly worse. Instead of braking, simply remove your foot from the accelerator.

Another knee-jerk response may be to quickly turn the wheel. However, doing so can lead to overcorrecting and losing control of your vehicle, so it’s wise to be gentle with your steering.

You should also pay attention to how your vehicle is sliding. If your back wheels are the ones that are sliding, you should turn the wheel in the direction you’re sliding, while staying off the gas pedal. If the front wheels are sliding, you should lift your foot off the gas pedal and let the vehicle slow down. You should then regain control, but if you don’t, attempt to slightly press the brake pedal.

We at Bell Mitsubishi hope you stay safe when driving this winter. To prepare for snowstorms and slick roads, head into our service department for seasonal maintenance.